Downloadable Forms

New Customer Application Form

New Customer? Our team of experts will work to get your violation dismissed. Please fill out this form along with the "Broker Authorization Form" below. and send back to us. You can attached the forms in the "New Account" page on our website.

Broker Authorization Form 

Setting up your account for the first time? Fighting a NYC parking ticket has never been easier. Please fill out this form along with the "New Customer Application" form, Please remember to notarize this document to grant us permission to fight in court on your behalf. This form should be uploaded on the New Customer Application.

Paring Expert "Terms and Conditions"

Please read through the Parking Expert "Terms and Conditions" carefully, this document will help you understand how the ticket fighting process works to avoid a misunderstanding along the way. if you still need clarification please don't hesitate to give us a call at 718.384.5052

After Judgement

If your ticket is more than 90 days old you must also fill out this form and send it back to us.


Not sure about something? give us a call     718.384.5052 or email us at

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